Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Convers8ions For?

Any business, company or organization. Our goal here is to make handling your business easy. Having the ability to grow and expand through features designed to help your business succeed. No matter what field or environment your business may be, Convers8ions is built for it.

What Communications Does It Include?

We cover all communications. From Text Messaging, Sending Pictures/Coupons/Flyers/Posters, Emails, and Phone calls.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have packages that suit any and every business. Our Essentials package is $49.00 USD, Our premium is $99.00 plus other package deals such as custom packages.

What Are The Benefits Of The Convers8ions Software?

You will be able to send your message to your targeted audience in seconds! Being able to communicate through texting, calling, customer support and much more. Begin increasing your company's revenue while keeping your customers happy!

Where Do I Sign-Up?

You can request a free demo here today.

Can I text from my business landline phone number?

Enter your landline number below, we will tell you if your landline is text ready.

How much does it cost to enable my landline phone number for text messaging?

You can enable your landline phone number for $10/Month.

Is there a commitment when signing up with Convers8ions?

No, you can cancel your account at anytime. However, we think you'll enjoy your time here.

Is Convers8ions mobile friendly?

Of course! You can use Convers8ions right from your mobile phone through the use of the internet.

Do I need to download an app to use Convers8ions?

Nope! Use Convers8ions on any device that supports a internet browser.

Can my entire staff use this platform?

Most definetley! The bigger your business the more we have to offer.

How long does it take to get started?

Within a couple minutes you can have your account setup and ready to use.

Can I send and receive texts to international numbers?

Unfortunately not at this time. North America only.

How easy is the platform to use?

Convers8ions is one of the easiest conversation platforms to use, we also cover everything inside of our training.

How many credits is a call worth?

For phone calls, it's 1 credit per minute. If you're call is under a minute you will be charged a single credit.

Do I need to be near my phone system or phone line to send and receive texts?

No. Actually all you need is your buisness's phone number. You can make your landline number mobile friendly and send texts and take calls straight from the platform.

How will I know when new texts have been received?

Not only will you get a notification via sms and email you will also be able to see and hear the audible and visual alerts.

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